Foundation Inspection: Normally requested when foundation issues are in question or to determine a baseline elevations when house is new or when purchased. An inspection of the foundation includes using an electronic manometer to measure and determine the elevation differentials of the slab. Once the elevations have been determined and calculated, the Professional Engineer will determine whether the slab is in need of repair or is functioning as intended. If the foundation is in need of repair, he will provide a drawing and recommendations for repair that can be presented to a foundation company for repairs to be performed. These reports will bear the Professional Engineering Seal.

Structural Inspection: A Foundation and a Visual Inspection (described above) of the attic framing, bearing walls, drainage and functionality. The Professional Engineer will inspect for damage and indications of stress or fatigue. The report will declare whether the foundation is functional or in need of repair and will be accompanied with a drawing of the elevations. The report will also make recommendations for framing and foundation repairs. These reports will bear the Professional Engineering Seal.

Structural Engineering and Mechanical Inspection: This is our most recommended selection which combines all three inspections described above. It is also the most economical inspection provided and can only be offered by Professional Engineers. These reports will bear the Professional Engineering Seal.

Structural Rough-Inspections: This inspection is only available for new houses prior to insulation and sheetrock. It focuses on the structural elements of the dwelling and offers recommendations for repair to the builder before critical elements are covered by sheetrock. Miss this inspection and you could be faced with major and inconvenient repairs surfacing years down the road and/or expensive repairs upon resale of your home. These reports will bear the Professional Engineering Seal.

First Year Warranty Period Inspections: Prior to the end of the first year ownership of a brand new home, you should have an inspection before the builder’s first year warranty expires. This would be the same inspection as described in the Traditional Visual Structural and Mechanical Inspection above. These reports will bear the Professional Engineering Seal.

Forensic Investigation: 

Structural Evaluations. Determining the cause of these problems requires the understanding of proper structural design, construction methods, materials utilized and how they all interact in a structure. Our structural engineers have years of experience with projects ranging from multi-story institutional and commercial structures to large. They have worked on commercial and residential structures with concrete, steel, masonry and timber construction.

Building Commissioning:

Building Commissioning is the professional practice that ensures buildings are delivered according to the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). Buildings that are properly commissioned typically have fewer change orders, tend to be more energy efficient, and have lower operation and maintenance cost.