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Jeff Burkman is the owner and primary inspector of Champions Engineering and Inspections. He has over thirty six years of engineering experience. He is the founder and president of the company as well, as he is an honourably discharged Infantry Officer and a graduate of the United States Army O.C.S program. Our company therefore offers Home Inspection Service Houston TX. We take care of all your inspection needs before you buy your new home. If you’re planning on repairing or renovating, we also offer Construction Inspector Huston TX and Engineer Inspector Huston TX. Champions Engineering and Inspection is an engineering firm that which specializes in residential construction. All of our staff is Texas educated, so you never have to worry about getting a Home Inspector Huston TX that doesn’t know the intricates of Texas law. As a Structural Design Inspector Huston TX, we offer many different types of inspections: such as visual, foundation, structural, and mechanical. We also provide a first year warranty period inspection. And for those wishing to remodel or renovate their homes, we offer forensic investigations and building commissioning. Our company has been very successful for twenty seven years, and it’s all due to our exceptional customer service. We have helped over eighteen thousand people in Texas make informed decisions about their home purchases. Burkman holds two degrees with honors in Structural Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. His prior engineering experience includes field and management positions with several multi-national companies. Our company is fully licensed and insured. Champions Engineering and Inspections offers all the services you need before buying or repairing your Texas home. Our most recommended service for new buyers is Structural Engineering and Mechanical Inspection. It is also the most economical inspection provided and can only be offered by Professional Engineers. These reports will bear the Professional Engineering Seal.

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