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Don’t go in blind... We routinely come across major defects and damages each week while inspecting in the Greater Houston Texas area!

  Hi, my name is Jeff Burkman, P.E., a Professional Engineer (Structural, Texas). My company can design beams and construction details for remodeling of residencies and light commercial structures. We can provide residential real estate inspections to determine the structural integrity of houses, and as an added bonus perform mechanical inspection for real-estate sales transactions. Champions Engineering consists of a team of engineers trained to investigate and locate deficiencies in the house/building structure so that you can be well-informed of the condition before purchasing. Our work and skill will give you the Expert Engineer Inspector Advantage.

  So what is the Expert Engineer Inspector Advantage? As a structural engineer I recognize structural problems that an ordinary inspector might miss, and can also make recommendations regarding the repair or discuss the real and/or financial impact of the structural problem in question. This advantage is also reflected in the overall lower pricing of our inspections.

  So what is the pricing advantage to hiring an engineer inspector? It may seem you are saving money by hiring a regular inspector instead of an engineer inspector, but that is not the case. For example, hiring an inspector would cost, on average, $475. However, if they identify a structural problem, they will recommend an engineer to look at it and recommend a repair for an average fee of $450, which brings you to a total of $925. Had you hired an engineer inspector for a fee of $625, you could have saved $300 and an extra day or two for the separate engineer to arrive for on-site feedback.

  Additionally, our work with you can give you the advantage of having an inspector and an engineer on site with you. Through this virtual inspection tour, I would like to show you firsthand some of the deficiencies I find while out conducting property inspections. If you catch these deficiencies before buying the house, you can use it to your advantage by negotiating the sales price of the house or by having these repairs fixed by the seller.

Let's get started with your Virtual Houston Home Inspection

We came across this during a recent inspection.

severely cracked rafters

This photo shows severely cracked rafters, and it is a cracked rafter like this that threatens the structural integrity of this roof section.

What does this mean if you were considering buying this house?

Well... due to the very small structural connection, this is a candidate for structural failure that could cause this house to collapse – and I hope your family is not in the home when this happens.

Moving right along with our virtual inspection...

It looks like rising ground water in this photograph. But nope! This is the result of a stucco siding section that was not properly flashed. Every time it rained, water would enter the wall.

The Result: Major structural damage in the not too distant future! You might want to reconsider buying this property.

And now our virtual inspector takes us to another house in Houston

ceiling joist are running perpendicular to the rafters

At first glance this appears to be foundation settlement, but it is not. This is caused by the lack of collars when the ceiling joists are running perpendicular to the rafters, resulting in the spreading of the walls. If the walls spread a half inch more, this roof section will probably cave in.

We've taken thousands of photographs like these from inspections we've conducted in local homes in the metro Houston area.

That is why it is essential you get an inspection from a Licensed and Certified Engineer Inspector. My job is to provide you with an independent and unbiased review of any problems or potential safety issues in the property you're considering buying. I want to ensure you have all the facts you need to make a sound, and informed decision… before buying!

Our Background, Experience and Technical Qualifications
is What Makes Us Different!

We provide our clients with the peace of mind that they are not buying a house that will cost them more to repair. This confidence is qualified by more than satisfied clients since 1992. 

Some Reasons You Should Choose Champions Engineering & Inspections:

  • Our inspectors are licensed Professional Engineers, P.E. (Structural)
  • We've been performing Structural Engineering & Home Inspections in the Houston area for more than years 
  • We have performed over inspections
  • President Elect (2019) and prior board member for Foundation Performance Association (FPA), a Houston area Professional Engineering Organization.
  • We are a Certified "Gold" Member of the American Society Home Inspectors (ASHI)
  • A member of the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspection Association (TPREIA).
  • FEMA Disaster Inspector 
  • ICC (International Code Council) Energy Inspector and Plans Examiner
  • Approved Structural Engineer Inspector for The Woodlands 
  • Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau for over years       

Our GUARANTEE to you...

We are so confident that you will think our inspection services are so great that if you are not satisfied at the end of the standard "Structural & Mechanical" buyer inspection - the inspection is FREE!

No fine print or wiggle room - it's FREE!

Being a well-informed buyer will give you peace of mind when deciding whether you are buying your dream home or a money pit. Champions Engineering & Inspections is the company with the experience, knowledge and reputation to provide you with that peace of mind. Newcomers, part-timers and cut-rate handymen simply do not have the ability or expertise to provide the comprehensive inspection you will need or deserve.

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Jeff Burkman
Jeff Burkman,
Professional Engineer (P.E.)


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